The Kite


A social protest in the form of a graphic adventure


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The Kite is a point-and-click graphic adventure where you play Masha, a lady who lives in the suburbs of a generic Big City and has to face some very real problems now affecting certain parts of the population.

When you start the adventure, Masha's main problem (and your problem, by extension), is that her son is hungry and there's absolutely nothing to eat in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this is not the only problem.

Soon enough, you find out that Masha's husband is an alcoholic abuser who hits her. While he just drinks and watches TV when he gets home, your role is to take care of your little boy.

Because of this story, The Kite is not an easy game to swallow. Many of the subjects addressed in this adventure will leave a sour taste in your mouth, but with some luck, it will also make some people think more about them.

The Kite is a traditional graphic adventure that beneath its gray and dark graphics hides an even darker and sad story. Obviously this is not a game for everyone, but it still is a highly recommended title.
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